Feeling Bland

Dear friends, I have not forgotten to keep you updated…it’s just that I’ve been feeling rather bland lately. I often sit and ponder what exciting things I could blog about, but I usually end up with nothing. I mean…some exciting things are coming up, that’s for sure… pee in a bucket day is Thursday, so I’m sure I’ll have a thing or two to write about then. And Ramadan starts next Tuesday, which I also want to expand on soon. But during the week… nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, my job is getting better every day. But to be honest, I don’t really think I like the idea of a job. In fact, I don’t really even like the word “job”. Let’s see here… according to Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary, we’ve got a few options:

a piece of work; especially : a small miscellaneous piece of work undertaken on order at a stated rate; a criminal enterprise; specifically : robbery c: a damaging or destructive bit of work <did a job on him>; 3 a (1): something that has to be done : task (2): an undertaking requiring unusual exertion; 4: plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes <a nose job>.

Now, with the exception of plastic surgery, none of those sounds even remotely interesting. As you can see, the word fun isn’t even included! This is clearly a problem. Every day I wake up around 7:30am, possibly shower, maybe eat breakfast, and walk 40 minutes to work. I arrive shortly before 9am, sit down at my desk, and check my work email and my own email. This is just the first of about one hundred frantic episodes of checking my email throughout the day. As I sit at my desk (which, luckily, has natural sunlight coming from the window), I somehow keep myself relatively busy until about 11am. At this point, I am thoroughly hungry and ready to take my lunch break, but I typically facebook or play minesweeper for another thirty minutes or so, realizing that the later I take lunch break, the less time I’ll have to work after lunch. Lunch is my reward. My magic pill that gets me through the rest of the day… or at least until about 3:30pm. Then the countdown begins, and I start to wonder if I have a good enough reason made up to leave early. Just a little early. (Every bit helps.) Then, if I’m feeling spunky enough, I begin the long walk home. This walk is somehow longer than the walk to work, which is strange because I’m generally more excited about going home.

Once home, I collapse on my bed in the starfish position. It usually takes me about five minutes to realize there’s no time to be wasted laying on my bed. So I get up, help with dinner, and vent with my housemates. This, generally, is my favorite part of the day. We all sit around the dinner table, eat something vegetarian (another complaint for another post), and take turns telling about how ridiculous our day was. Sara and I usually joke about all of our time spent checking email, I usually brag about getting taken out to lunch for the fourth time in a week, we beg Christa to tell us about the old lady named Mavis that works in her office, Kristen generally has some drama going on with stubborn clients while Liza wishes her clients were old enough to talk, and Allison lightens the mood by sharing her day-long conversations about L.L. Cool J. All in all, dinner is the most real and relaxing time of my day. Since it is just that good, it usually lasts over an hour as we sit and debrief the day. Dish washing is kind of a pain, but we all chip in. After that? Too tired to really do anything. So I check my emails a few more times and hit the hay.

I do want to express that my job is picking up in its level of excitement. I had two important meetings today, and both were reassuring and helped to give me some direction for the coming weeks! They want me to volunteer a bunch this month so I can become familiar with the organizations with which I would program groups to do service projects. Fun! I was also encouraged to do music and art with the women of N Street Village – the homeless shelter that Luther Place runs. Now we’re talkin.

So as the clock ticks on to 11pm, it’s time for bed once again, and another day of work will soon begin. It won’t be so long until I post again, since pee in a bucket day is just two days away! Until then…


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