Going Green: 5 Suggestions for Sustainable Water Use

Sara enjoys a good pee

Sara enjoys a good pee

Happy Pee-in-a-Bucket Day, everyone!  In an effort to explain this seemingly strange ritual as well as hoping to increase your knowledge, I’ve decided to draw on my LVC orientation resources to bring you five (relatively) easy ways to use and reuse your water:

5.  Put a rain barrel or other large container beneath your roof so as to collect runoff after a good rain.  This water can then be reused to water plants or flush the toilet.

4.  Let it mellow.  You know the saying.  Why flush after every pee?!  Toilets can use up to six gallons PER FLUSH.  In a household of four or more, this means over 120 gallons of water are used a DAY.  I personally have a tough time peeing into a toilet of someone else’s pee, but I promise you…you start to get over it after awhile.  Give it a try.

3.  Keep two buckets by the shower.  When you turn the water on and wait for it to heat up, throw a bucket in to collect the water wasted.  This is perfectly clean water, and can be reused to fill the coffeemaker, brush your teeth, or water your garden.  Put the other bucket in the shower with you as you bathe.  This will pick up extra water as well as some soap suds.  No big deal!  This semi-soapy water can still be used to flush the toilet or water the garden, as the soil will filter the gray water.

2.  Place an empty bucket in the kitchen sink.  This is another location where a lot of water is generally wasted.  Any water used from dish washing or hand washing can be poured on the garden, once it is sufficiently cool.  In addition, washing fruits and vegetables in food preparation over the bucket is GOOD for your garden.  The food scraps or washed off dirt are highly desirable as nutrients for your plants!

1.  All right…this is for the adventurous water-saver: on occasion, pee in a bucket.  That’s right.  Squat yourself down ladies (men, you have this easy), and pee into a bucket.  Dilute it with water, and pour it on your plants or your compost pile.  This acts as fertilizer!  (Be sure there is quite a bit of water in ratio to the pee.)

Now…if a house of 6 women can do this (and have fun!), you can too.  The Bon House proved tonight that no simplicity challenge is challenging enough.  So go on… find your bucket of choice…


2 thoughts on “Going Green: 5 Suggestions for Sustainable Water Use

  1. lololol next time i want to know more about something like this when i’m not really sure what is, just don’t tell me. i totally don’t think i could pee into a bucket six other people peed in. what if it splashed and got on you!? ish. i can handle the others but nothing where i have to pee where others have peed lol. i’m glad you’re enjoying yourself … though maybe you should also look for some other ways than peeing in a bucket. 😛

  2. Amanda! LOVE your blog. I’m excited for all of your adventures with LVC. I’ve had so many friends volunteer (many in DC, actually), so it’s always fun for me to read about happenings with LVC. Hopefully my sister will get to hang out with you and Sarah soon! Blessings, dear. 🙂

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