I was told today for the third time in my life that I look like Julia Stiles.  Now, I don’t really agree with this, but for three very different people to tell me this at three very different times in my life…there must be some sort of resemblance.  And it must be more than just brown eyes, brown hair.  Any input?  After receiving the compliment, I proceeded to look through Google Images at pictures of Julia Stiles, but nothing really jumped out at me as, well…ME.

After searching for matching photos, I came across something rather unexpected.  No, I don’t really look like Julia Stiles, but one of my friends does!!  Check this out!!!

Weird.  I guess I’m not much of a celebrity after all…  At least my friends are!


4 thoughts on “Look-alike?

  1. People probably confuse you two because Julia was in the “Bourne” series of movies with Matt Damon and you are always hanging out with Matt. Oh, wait. That’s Math. Sorry. My bad.

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