What a Drag!

Who knew that Halloween in DC is such an event?!  I certainly didn’t.  When my friend John messaged me at work last Tuesday to ask if I was interested in seeing a Drag Race, I had no idea what he meant, but I was sure it was something like NASCAR…and no, I wasn’t interested.  But when he quickly added that it was a big deal in DC – some might say the event of the year, I wanted more information.  Turns out that it is an annual event – every Tuesday before Halloween – in which people dress in drag and race down the street in high heels.  Whoa.  It sounded so bizarre and so wonderful that although I had worked all day and it was cold and windy and I was tired and hungry, I knew I had to go.  It was one of the weirdest experiences of my life.  Thousands of spectators lined 17th St in DC for this event.  The “race” is only 2 blocks in length and takes about 2 minutes.  But the event starts two to three hours prior to the race; hundreds of people dressed in drag strut their stuff up and down the lined street as people hoot and holler and snap tons and tons of photos.  (Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me, but I’m including some shots from other photographers.)  Some people were just dressed as drag queens, while others took on themes and various costumes; someone even dressed up as the Washington Monument (with boobs)!  Of course, as with all things at this time of year, politics were heavily addressed.  I saw a few Sarah Palin’s, and all of them were yelling, “Vote for Obama!”.  Good ole DC.  Princess Di even came out for the event with a whole herd of security guards.  Well done.  Sometimes it was hard to tell if the people were in drag or if they were actual celebrities.  For example, Mayor Fenty – the DC mayor – was ACTUALLY there, looking good as always.  <sigh>  (Check out video footage of the Drag Race.)

Back to the Bon House… We celebrated Halloween by hosting a party for all the LVC houses plus whoever else was around that we deemed cool enough to attend.  We decided to turn our creepy basement into a haunted house.  I’d say it was a big success.  I can’t say I’ve ever put this much energy and excitement into Halloween before.  I was always the farmer or hobo or army woman – you know, the costumes you can scrounge up in your house.  This year, we collaborated as a house for a Wizard of Oz theme, and I was the courage-less lion!  Quite a night, followed by a pancake breakfast.  Can’t get much better than that!

But it’s suddenly November and time is flying, and there are so many more songs to dance to!  We must keep moving.


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