On Hold

It’s a busy time of year. Everyone’s bustling about spending far too much money to satisfy insatiable cravings and greedy desires. Ah, Christmas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (Isn’t that how the song goes?)

Well, contrary to all the mobs of shoppers zooming around, I have felt largely like life is on hold. “Once Obama’s in office, everything will change…” Right? Just another couple of months! So hold your questions, everyone. Come January 20th, they’ll all be answered.

Similarly, I am in the middle of a change of supervisors at work. My new supervisor – the new pastor of Luther Place – is coming on December 15th. And just like the Obama vibe, everyone around seems to be holding out on all decision-making until Pastor Karen arrives. I sure hope she knows that we’re all waiting in this season of Advent. Not so much for baby Jesus… but for PK and Obama.

In the meantime, it kind of feels like the next two weeks are one long commercial break. The thing is, when December 15th arrives, PK will probably have a million things on her mind aside from satisfying my needs. And Obama, well, he doesn’t even know any of your names. So all you who are waiting for him to take care of you might want to start taking care of yourselves.

There’s no time to waste. My advice? Start living.

You should see the pictures that preceded this one...

You should see the pictures that preceded this one...


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