Busy bee!


LVC Winter Retreat: Waynesboro, PA

Hola!!  So many things have been happening over here.  Here’s the (hopefully quick) rundown:

  • Karaoke: Gangsta's Paradise (duh)

    Karaoke: Gangsta's Paradise (duh)

    Feb 25-Mar 1 was our LVC Winter Retreat.  It was full of relaxation in Waynesboro, PA.  Lots of people went hiking on the Appalachian Trail.  We had chili for 3 meals (ours was the best).  It was so nice to have time to hang out with the LVCers from the other houses/cities.  We’re really starting to get to know the other volunteers better which is super nice!  Our retreat also included lots of silence, lots of music, lots of workshops (about power, privilege, anti-racism training, etc), and karaoke.  Check out my Flickr page for tons of blurry photos!

  • I spent most of the retreat studying music.  On Mar 1, I left the retreat and took a train up to Yale for an audition for grad school.  I haven’t really been telling a lot of people about this because I’d rather not report any disappointments.  In any case, I guess the news is that I’ve auditioned for an MM in choral conducting at both Yale and Emory.  I gave my Mar 2 audition all I’ve got and found out that night that I was accepted to Emory!  I should hear back from Yale within the week (ahhh!!!!).
  • The night after my audition, I woke up throwing up and could not get the audition music out of my head!  I felt sick the whole train ride home the next day and came home with a fever of 102!  It took a couple of days to recover from my post stress-induced sickness, but the Bach Mass in B Minor eventually left from my head!
  • I jumped right back into my job!  March is the craziest month at the Steinbruck Center.  Last week, a group from Champlain College and a group from NC State were staying in the hostel.  This week, we’re hosting Michigan State and the University of Florida!  Next week it’ll be a group from UND and Kansas City.  The next week it’s Hamline University!  Needless to say, I have entirely more work than I’m able to handle.
  • I’m sorry Aunt Ruth, but I got my nose pierced!  It’s done and it’s cute…if I say so myself 🙂  I’ll take some pics and put those up soon.

I think those are about all of the updates I have for now!  Tonight I have been so energized to have my entire house together for dinner (+Jamie, Sara’s bf)…for the first time in a couple of weeks!  There’s really nothing better than community.


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