Tid Bits of Life

Happy Easter!  One might think I gave up blogging for Lent, but that was not my intention!  Geez…I really need to get back into the swing of things!

Though I claim to have a boring life (as my dad can attest to), I suppose I actually have a lot of things going on.  Here’s a somewhat brief update:

  • I gave up meat for Lent and occasionally failed.  It was much harder than I thought it would be!  As a house, we ate vegan, which was actually not as much of a change from how we had been eating.  It has been an interesting journey…one which I’d like to learn more about, but as for now – I’m back to a varied and nonrestricted diet!

    Easter Sunday at Luther Place

    Easter Sunday at Luther Place

  • I somehow got recruited to conduct our church choir and a string quintet in Bach’s Cantata No. 4 (“Christ Lag in Todesbanden”) for Easter about a week and a half before!  It was stressful but a great experience.  I’ll be putting that on my resume, thank you!
  • It has been a month of requiems.  I recently visited Foundry United Methodist in DC (where the Clintons used to attend church) to check out their worship and happened to go on a Sunday where their choir was performing the Durufle Requiem!  About a week later, I scored a free ticket to hear the Washington Chorus perform the Verdi Requiem.  Another week and I was able to get my hands on two free tickets to hear the Brahms Requiem, performed by the Master Chorale!  Phew.  Give me a week and I’ll be ready to hear the Mozart Requiem… anyone have tickets?
  • My current plan for next year is to stay in DC and continue working at Luther Place!  I’d like to apply to grad schools for conducting in the fall and am content to stay in a place where I feel like I have a decent network or support while I prepare.  My job at Luther Place is still a question – Pastor Karen and I are working together to create a proposal for what the position would entail, and then it will have to be approved by the church.  (The biggest issue there is finding the money!)
  • My most recent excursion was to Baltimore for a few days to celebrate Easter with extended family.  While there, I had the chance to visit the Visionary Art Museum with my dad and found it to be truly inspiring!  Look for a full blog entry on that trip soon.

    Christa, John, and Matt on Easter Day

    Christa, John, and Matt on Easter Day

  • My house community and larger LVC community is awesome as always, though I can never get enough!  My house recently discussed a recommittment to community, and the 3 LVC DC houses are trying to have a potluck together at least once a month.  There are some incredible people here, and I’m running out of time to spend with them!!
  • I have just started a 10-week hip-hop dance performance class that is a tribute to the Jacksons – The Jackson Five, Michael, and Janet!  Julie, our incredible instructor, has choreographed sweet moves to a combination of 13 songs!!  Come see my performance June 20 or 21!
  • The next few weeks are going to fly by with lots of exciting things happening!  I have a Girl Scout troop staying at the Steinbruck Center this weekend, then a youth group next week.  On Thursday, my friend Dave from Luther is going to visit for a week, and my old roommate Sara is going to join in on the fun for the weekend!!!!  I can’t wait.  Then it will suddenly be May with a rapidly approaching summer!

So apologies for my lack of blogging, but I suppose I’ve been quite a busy-requiem-going-bee.  LVC always brings excitement and adventure, though, so I’m sure I’ll have more to say soon!


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