Life After College

I recently spoke with my dear ole friend Tom Paradise on the cellular telephone, and we joked about how mundane life after college is.  After a few stories that should have been pointless but were somehow hilarious, I thought aloud (as I usually do), “We should document a year of life after college…the monotony of each day is pathetic but potentially really funny!”  So what has resulted on my end of things is a more well-kept daily journal that doesn’t say much, but somehow covers my day-to-day activities.

img_4785Last night, we had our LVC fundraiser – “Just Desserts” – and I auctioned off a basket and 2 matching coasters that I wove.  I have really gotten into basketweaving this year…sort of an easy (usually) mindless way to satisfy a few of my artistic cravings.  Anyway, it got me thinking about the hobbies we pick up after college.  Here’s my latest entry:

Chapter 3, 4.22.09

I recently made the discovery that I can keep both my personal gmail account and my work gmail account open at the same time if I open one with Firefox and the other with Internet Explorer. This was a grand discovery. Now I can receive all incoming emails even more instantaneously than before, staying updated on every aspect of my personal life while working. Yessss.

The truth is that your average job does not challenge the amount of knowledge you received through college nearly enough. On top of that, college surrounds you with a constantly changing environment. If you are one of the many lucky individuals that works primarily at a computer in an office all day, you will understand what I mean when I say that life after college is rather dull. Living in a house with 5 other newly-grads, I am often amused by the stories we tell each day from work. We are all striving to be intellectually stimulated, but feeling largely dragged down by the temptation to be lazy and bored, even though we don’t actually enjoy doing nothing on a regular basis.

As a result, I’ve found that people fresh out of college tend to take up strange hobbies. For example, my friend Tom works at a music store. He says he usually finishes the work he has to do each day by around 10:30am. (I know this feeling all too well.) So, lately, he has been researching the history of rock and roll online in a desperate effort to feel like he accomplished something or learned something knew each day. I encouraged him to go ahead and write a huge paper on it and get it published! May as well build your resume if you’re bored, right?img_4788

As for me, I’ve been trying to learn Spanish. Just for funsies. If I have the time to check my email another hundred times, I might as well learn a new language, right? I also had dreams of growing as a painter and practicing piano every day! Instead, I seem to have dumbed those ideals down to basket weaving and pounding out some Sara Bareilles if I’m feeling lucky or especially emotional.

We twentysomethings are insatiable, really. We have a thirst for knowledge and challenges and problem-solving, and quite frankly, I don’t think the world is putting us to good use. Now it’s possible that I’m just in the “wrong” job, but I don’t think that’s totally it. There is a lot of creativity in this world going to waste…which is a real shame because there are a lot of uses for it. Hmmm…gotta go check my email…


4 thoughts on “Life After College

  1. So, so true, my dear. I remember documenting this same perception during my first year post-college. It’s a *little* different now that I’m studying to be a pastor and my day is broken up into various pieces (office work, visits, meetings in the evening); however, I still find myself checking my numerous e-mail accounts and Facebook much more often than necessary. What a shame! Yay for taking it upon yourself to learn Spanish. I blogged a lot back then, which really helped to keep my writing skills sharp and also kept me thinking, analyzing, and discussing things with peers throughout the day.

    On another note, it was so great to see you last week! I look forward to the next time we get to hang out, whenever that may be. . . Love!

  2. Believe me, even though I’m fifty-something, I know your frustration — been there, done that! Your generation is no different than any other. We all felt as though we could conquer the world right out of college, and thirty-five years later, the world has conquered us! We become cynical, wondering why we didn’t get that “perfect job” until we were tired and out of creative ideas and energy. I hope you will keep going and find ways to use your creative juices! The world needs you 20 somethings!
    Love you!

  3. hi friend –
    okay, so i’m writing to help you with the checking of your email without having to actually check it. firefox has an add-on called webmail notifier. it automatically checks your email (as long as your firefox browser is open) every couple of minutes (or however often you’d like it to be checked). if you have new mail, a little window comes up in the bottom corner of your computer – you can have numerous email accts on this thing (i have 1 hotmail and 2 gmail accts using it) and then all you do is click on the notification and it brings you to whatever one(s) have new mail in them. here is a link to it:
    now you have more time to do check things like facebook instead 😛 miss you!

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