Come visit!

I always blog way too little for the amount of things I have to say!  So before this memory escapes, I must make comment on my recent stint of tourism.  My good ole pals from Luther – Sara Wenzel and Dave Osthus came to visit me in DC a week and a half ago!!  img_5052Dave came on Thursday and stayed until Wednesday, and Sara met up with us for the wekend.  I can’t nearly explain everything we did or the fun we had as good as my pictures can, so just check out my Flickr site.

It was a nice excuse for me to be a tourist for a few days, checking out a bunch of the main sites and even some that I didn’t know so well.  And of course, most of our schedule was centered around food –  lunch in Chinatown, a cupcake at Red Velvet, froyo at Tangysweet, jumbo slice pizza in Adams Morgan… yummy.  The weather ruled (though hot), the conversations ruled…lots of smiles and hugs.

img_5056I’m tellin ya… I am realizing more and more each day how much of an extravert I am.  I LOVE being around people!  So come and visit in DC so I can have more good food, conversation, smiles, and hugs!  The update on me is that I will be staying in DC for another year, though what I will be doing is still under wraps.  I’ll let you know how that evolves…


One thought on “Come visit!

  1. Sounds like you’re having a good time! I am running sound for a band that plays in Adams Morgan at Meze’ every now and then on a Thursday Night. If you want to come hang out let me know I’ll get you in for free. They play some amazing R&B.

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