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rss-iconOkay, I know I’m waaaaay behind on the times here, but I figure most of the people that read my blog are too… so I must share what I’ve learned today about an RSS feed, or Really Simple Syndication feed.  A syndicate, as you may know, could be defined as several newspapers under one management.  So, take that definition, and think of it in terms of the world-wide web.  RSS allows you, the manager, to take in a lot of varying sources of information, all channeled to one place.  Now, if you’re the type of person that has favorite blogs that you check often, this will simplify your life incredibly.  Here is the two-step process:

1. Sign up for a “feed reader” of sorts (or “aggregator” if you want to use a bigger word).  This will be your main go-to source of information.  Popular readers include: Google reader, My Yahoo!, Bloglines, Newsgator, NetNewsWire, SharpReader, etc.  Signing up is free and easy.  If you’re like me and already have a Google Mail account, you can just click on “Reader” in the top left of your Inbox to get started.

2. Once you have a reader, visit your favorite sites and subscribe!  Look for icons such as:


…and click on them to subscribe.  Before you know it, you’ll have all of the latest posts coming to your reader!  Then, instead of checking all of your favorite sites, the information you want will come to YOU!

As I mentioned before, this is old news for most people.  I mean…even wrote about this in 2007.  But today was my day to figure it all out on my own and bring it to you, oh beloved technology-impaired friends and family!  If you’re still confused, check out Jake’s article which has a helpful YouTube video tutorial.

And finally, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog!  Just click that special orange button on the right side of the site…


4 thoughts on “RSS feed

  1. i’ve been subscribed to your blog from the beginning,
    i love reading about your exciting life!

    let’s talk soon,

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