Firesong for 50 Years

I can’t even believe it’s June 1st already. This year has been flying by, as I’m running out of time to visit all of the places I said I’d visit when I first moved here in August! But although time is moving fast, it is most certainly packed in with a wonderful cornucopia of things!

Erna and John Steinbruck

Erna and John Steinbruck

This past weekend, in addition to celebrating Pentecost (50 days after Jesus’ resurrection), I was fortunate to be a part of a celebration for the 50th anniversary of Rev. John Steinbruck’s ordination! If you know that I work at the Steinbruck Center for Urban Studies, you may well have inferred that Pastor John, along with his wife Erna, are my workplace’s namesake! And if you look through some past blog entries, you’ll see that I’ve also had multiple opportunities to visit them in Delaware this year. They are wonderful.

Pastor Karen talking with Pastor John with Pastor Bob conveniently inbetween.

So, this Sunday, it was a blessing to have them down to DC! We had a very special – and fiery! – worship service at Luther Place, followed by a Pentecost picnic.  It was so cool to have Pastor John, Pastor Bob Holum, and Pastor Karen all there to celebrate the work of Luther Place and look towards the next 50 years!  One of my various roles for that service involved putting together a slideshow of photos of John and Erna. In case that wasn’t enough, I thought I’d create more work for myself and write a piano piece to play while the slideshow went on. (Check out the slideshow here! I’ll try to record and upload the song as well – an arrangement of Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing – but that may take awhile.)

Sunday evening, friends of John & Erna and many members of Luther Place joined together with many friends from the Jewish community in DC to remember the interfaith efforts that went into the building of N Street Village. I was blessed to be asked to have my N Street Choir – self-named “Bethany’s Women of Praise” to sing as a part of the gathering. We sang “Go Down, Moses,” “Precious Lord, Take My Hand,” and “I Shall Not Be Moved.” It was wonderful, and I think both parties – the choir and the congregation – enjoyed it very much!

So….that’s what I have been up to! Now that I’ve made it through the weekend, hopefully I can focus on what’s next. And even though the summer whispers hints of vacation and beaches and mojitos, I’m afraid the hostel will be filled with youth groups, and I will be working many weekends! No break for me!! The news on the job front is an unofficial acceptance to be hired to Luther Place for another year! (The “official” that I’m waiting for is mostly a financial offer…no big deal, right?….right??) Stay tuned, as always, for more exciting happenings in the life of Amanda Weber!


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