is this the end?

5689_516297344046_22500106_30763606_6943688_nIt seems to be harder and harder to find the time to write, and as always, there’s more and more that needs to be said.  It’s Thursday morning, T-minus 20 minutes until our departure on our last LVC retreat.  We’re heading north to the beaches of Delaware for 3 and a half days or so, and although we can’t WAIT to hit the beach, it’s a sad reminder that our time together is almost over.  These last few weeks have been spent in lots of community with my housemates and other LVCers, celebrating birthdays, July 4th, and one another!

Kristen has been trying desparately to teach us to double dutch.  Countless evenings on the street in front of our house have introduced us to many of our neighbors.  6536_626407502427_24602022_37152513_3163044_nWe’ve been trying to meet people since August!!  Who knew that all you have to do is start twirling those ropes and the crowds come…

The summer of work has actually been quite pleasant as well!  I was really worried about my first summer with no significant change – no camp, no vacation, no nothin.  But even though there haven’t been big changes, the little ones have sufficiently lifted me out of a summer-work-depression.  One such blessing was my experience dancing in my Jackson hip-hop performance class (see previous entry)… and how ironic that he died just 4 days later?!  Another change in my summer has been hiring an intern at the Steinbruck Center!  I was hesitant many months ago as to whether or not this would be a good idea, but it has been wonderful!  Colleen has been a great friend and coworker…it is so nice to have company on the lonely days in the office.  We’ve made great strides in the Steinbruck Center this year; in fact, I was just recently told that we are the reason the church is in the black!  Now, if only we could keep that up another year…

Lots of transition is about to happen.  Lots.  Colleen leaves July 24th.  LVC ends August 12th.  My sister (and brother?) and I go on a road trip August 13th-21st.  Two August weddings to go to.  Moving into a new apartment (probs with Allison and Tom?), though we have not yet found a place.  Then the start of a new, but similar, job at Luther Place.  It seems like I’m not really going anywhere, and in many ways, I’m not…but many things around me will change.  Being in LVC this year has really provided me with a strong support group, things to do, parties to go to, people to share dinner and conversation with… and it’s all about to disperse.  Eek!

Hopefully the post-LVC community will welcome those of us sticking around with open arms 🙂

All right… T-minus 11 minutes until departure.  Gotta go!!!  Check back next week for tons of photos!


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