Top 10 Reasons My Intern Is Better Than Yours

IMG_8518Way back in February, I struggled with the decision of whether or not I should hire an intern for the summer.  I knew nothing about supervising someone else, and quite frankly, I wasn’t sure if there was enough work to go around.  But something was telling me that Intern Rd. was the way to go.  So I hired Colleen – the best intern ever.  In a short 6 weeks, Colleen mastered the ways of the Steinbruck Center and formed many lifelong relationships!

People kept warning me that having an intern is actually MORE work than doing it all on your own.  These people are clearly not hiring good interns.  Here are just a few of the reasons why you probably should have hired Colleen:

10.   She is tall and can reach very important resources that I can’t access without some serious chair-help.

9.   Her mad Spanish skills have opened up a whole new world in the Steinbruck Center.

8.   She doesn’t mind when I think aloud.

7.   She somehow remembers everything I forget (she’s better than my Google Calendar!)

6.   She actually likes making phonecalls – a nice complement to my telephonophobia!

5.   She’s so outgoing that nothing is awkward with her… or perhaps everything is… (which is probably why I like her)

4.   She knows how to do just the right amount of complaining about bad groups.

3.   She fully supports having a Rita’s break during the worday.

2.   She calls me “boss” in such an uplifting manner that it actually makes me want to be a boss.

1.   When I joke about continuing to give her work assignments after she’s gone, she gladly agrees to be my forever-intern.

Cheers to Colleen!

colleen n me


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