‘Twas the Final Countdown…

Wahh!!!!  Everything has been happening so fast that  I’m not entirely sure of what’s going on at all.  Yesterday was my official “last day of LVC” and last day of being the Program Coordinator for the Steinbruck Center for Urban Studies.  Today I  moved completely out of the Bon house…gave up my key and everything.  And right now, I’m about to head to bed in Napa Valley before waking up to embark on a weeklong adventure with my sis as we travel up the west coast to Oregon & Washington.

I have much to share about the end of LVC, and I’m sure I’ll have much more to share after our Pacific Northwest journey, so check back in a week and a half or so for tons of exciting posts!

Also, you can look forward to hearing about my new apartment and new housemates – Allison and Tom Paradise!  If you’d like to send some love-mail or perhaps a housewarming gift, our new address is:

28 Seaton Place NW Unit A

Washington, DC 20001

Time for bed!!


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