Day 3 of 7

(a report on me and my sister’s roadtrip…)

Day 3 – Portland, Oregon3849598848_934d957839_b

The drive to Portland was excitingly foreign.  What a contrast to finally be in such a big city after what seemed like days in the wilderness!  We were exhausted, but knew we had a long day ahead of us since we only had one day to discover what was sure to be an amazing city.  We arrived at my friend Kyle’s house around 11:30am.  Kyle and I worked at Mar-Lu-Ridge Summer camp together, and he was gracious enough to be our tour guide for the day to ensure we packed all of the best stuff into our trip.  After getting settled into our house and taking our first shower of the trip, we headed into downtown Portland!

Now, when I say that Kyle was our tour guide…I really mean Kyle was our tour guide!!  I’m not sure I’ve ever met someone that knows as many random facts about locations as Kyle.  When I worked at camp with him, all he talked about was Maine, where he was residing.  But now that he has moved to Portland, he has found a new love.  Erin and I were so thankful to have Kyle along since we were not familiar with Portland at all.  Because Kyle was there, we were able to hit up… Portland Saturday Market, Mills End Park, a large bronze statue, Pioneer Square, Powell’s City of Books, Chinese Garden, the Kennedy 3849546536_20038e86df_bSchool, and some Portland night life (including a drag show!).  We also had a wonderful ice cream sandwich as well as testing out the cupcake scene in Portland.  (I am sure I’m missing things, but with the fast pace that we kept, this is really the best I can do.)

Of the above things mentioned, there were many highlights.  Kyle described Mills End Park to us as the smallest park in the world.  Erin and I were excited about this and expected to see a park perhaps the size of a small bedroom.  The actual size of the “park” was shocking and inspiring!  Erin couldn’t help but play in the park with the excitement of a little child.  Another highlight was our time spent at the Chinese Garden.  The garden itself was a beautiful escape from the city, even though the skyscrapers never left our sight.  We visited around 4pm and were feeling exceedingly loopy at the time. 3846907295_7b600bb43d_b It only seemed right that we follow the ritual of having tea time while we were at the Chinese Garden.  An hour later and several shotglass-sized cups of tea, we emerged from the tea house feeling enlightened..3847695088_26c11340ae_b.senses heightened, and abs sore from laughing…to say the least.  The tea ceremony was…beautiful, and… too much for Erin to handle!  Why go through the process of steeping, pouring, and smelling when you just want to drink?! 3846904461_f72e310f3d_b In any case, I’m not sure I’ve laughed that hard in a long time…so thanks to Erin and Ky for that.  That evening, we had dinner at the Kennedy School – an old elementary school that is now a bar and restaurant and hotel and lots of other stuff.  The designers really tried to keep it looking like a school, which was sort of creepy, but mostly fun.  A fun-filled day was completed as all fun-filled days should be – playing shuffleboard at a bar before watching a drag show at another bar!  Oh, Portland!  How we loved thee!



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