Day 5 of 7

(a report on me and my sister’s roadtrip…)

Day 5 – Seattle, Washington

Unfortunately, our time at Mt. Rainier was over by 7am.  We really did this trip ADHD style, not staying too long in any one place.  Most of the time, we preferred that.  We’d leave a place and Erin and I would look at each other and jointly say, “You know…we weren’t here very long, but I think I got a good feel for the place.  I’m ready to move on.”  But this time around, we kinda wished we could stay longer.  Still, Seattle was beckoning, so we turned on Rhapsody In Blue and headed into the city.

3850050380_40f093190c_bErin and I weren’t really prepared for this day… at all.  Neither of us had ever been to Seattle, and we didn’t have any solid connections in Seattle like Kyle in Portland.  We read through our travel books during our drive and decided we really wanted two things: to go to the market (and especially to see people throw fish), and to do something in water (preferably kayak).  We arrived in Seattle and headed straight for the Pike Peak Market.  It was lovely!  We walked around for quite awhile, buying gifts for family members left and right.  And, just as Erin had hoped, we saw the fish throwers.  We decided to have some fish shipped to our brother Jeff & his fiancee Danielle, and as we were seeking advice and deciding what to get, someone practically threw a fish over our heads to his fellow worker!  As if this wasn’t thrilling enough, our biggest thrill was this: all of the cute young men in the nation seem to live in Seattle and work at this marketplace.  Overwhelmed, Erin and I walked slowly through the market, being swayed from one stand to the next by some delicious young man offering us a juicy slice of peach, or a sample of chocolate spaghetti, or – our favorite – the taste of a pluot.  A what??

“A pluot,” he said.  “It’s a mixture of a plum and an apricot!”  I do not need to spend my money on a strangely named, not-even-real fruit, I thought.  But he is just too cute to look away! “I’ll take one pluot, please.”  And that, good friends, was the start of the saga of the pluot, which travelled with us to the end of our journey.  The rest of that particular day, the pluot sat warmly in my purse.

Our experience in the market made us crave seafood, leading us to Cutter’s, a lovely restaurant just by the market.  3849273157_56516d61e1_bPlease note that neither Erin nor I had showered since Portland, and quite frankly, we weren’t looking too hot as we headed into the restaurant.  Then, the strangest thing happened – Erin ran into a friend of her husband’s!  Small world, right?  He was there for a business meeting, but his company never showed, so he invited us to eat with him…and payed for it!  Nice.  After a rather lengthy lunch, Erin and I made our way to Lake Union to go kayaking!  The water was so refreshing, and the view of the city was just what we needed to take it all in.


A couple of hours later and a desperate attempt to find a margarita, and it was already time to leave this new city that we had barely gotten a taste for.  We parked our car in a line for a ferry to take us across the water to the Olympic Peninsula.  We had just enough time to rush over to an oyster bar for drinks (finally got my margarita…blackberry style!) and shrimp/oysters.  Perfect.

3849296085_6347fe3593_bMay I foreshadow day 6 by telling you that the ferry ride to the peninsula was more beautiful than the peninsula itself…  Our intentions to finish our day with a pluot were blindsided by the frustrating realization that our campsite that night was covered with gravel, as though dirt ground isn’t already hard enough.  It had been a long, insatiable day with a lot of driving… the pluot would have to wait.



One thought on “Day 5 of 7

  1. Oh, Amanda! It warms my heart to hear of your adventures in the city that captured my heart this past year. I hope you enjoyed your brief stay in Seattle! Let me know if you ever pass through Decorah this coming year – it’d be great to grab a cup of coffee and catch up!

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