Day 7 of 7

(a report on me and my sister’s roadtrip…)

Day 7 – back to Napa via the Redwood National Forest

3849364207_1b7bc9213f_bAh, the final day of our trip!  Erin and I were sad for the end, but with a long day’s drive ahead of us, we were sure there was something good still in store!  It was our last morning of singing On the Road Again, so we videotaped it so it could go down in history.  (Check out the first minute of that video here.)  Although the drive would be long, Erin and I were really looking forward to the opportunity to drive along Route 1 for part of the day with a lovely view of the coast.

3850174086_5cc2240746_bIt was a foggy morning, which Erin kept wishing away, but I loved the magnificence the fog gave the redwood trees as we began driving through the forest.  The trees were so huge, and with the low-hanging clouds, you really couldn’t see where they ended.  It was a beautiful drive, just as we had anticipated.  We kept making ridiculous remarks about how much better it was than Olympic… we just couldn’t let go of our negative attitudes from the day before.  As per usual, we didn’t have 3849426779_ea49db2867_bmuch time to do much else other than drive through the forest slowly, pulling over on occasion to take photos.

We drove on, trees climbing up to the sky on either side of our car, until suddenly, there was a huge clearing ahead.  The clearing suprised us after miles of trees, so we slowed as we approached.  On our left was a huge log cabin that appeared to be a store of some sort.  We couldn’t really focus on that, however, because right next to it was a giant statue of Paul Bunyon and his blue ox, Babe!!!  3849386849_6472918905_bNow, Erin and I have seen some strange statues on this trip, but this was by far the largest, so we pulled over to take a picture.  While we stood there staring and wondering why on earth this would exist in the middle of a beautiful forest, Paul Bunyon suddenly winked his eye!  “Erin!!!!  Did you see that??????  He winks!!!!!!”  I watched in awe at this amazing mechanical device that seemed to blink every few minutes or so.  As if this weren’t enough, our mouths gaped as Paul waved his right hand, side to side.  Little kids climbed over his boots – we were not the only ones watching.  A crowd began to gather, when SUDDENLY, a voice said, “You kids tryin’ to climb on my boots?  Good luck with that…I’m pretty tall!”  Heads swiveled as tried to figure out where the voice was coming from.  It didn’t stop there.  Paul continued talking, and Erin and I could not take our eyes away.  Eventually he said, “You ladies in the parking lot look like you’re waiting for me to do something!  Did you wanna see a wink?  Or perhaps a smile?  Or maybe you wanted a profile…”  Paul began turning his head to the right before saying, “Oo…let me show you my better side.”  Turns his head to the left.  Erin and I were really quite shocked.  There is no way to describe this, so you’ll have to watch the video.

Afterwards, it took Erin and I a good hour or so to move past what had just happened.  Before we knew it, it was way past lunch time and we hadn’t eaten.  Now, we could’ve simply eaten sandwiches (or the freakin’ pluot that had been sitting in our car for DAYS now…), but by this point, we had had so many sandwiches.  Erin and I were craving seafood!  I mean, we were on the coast, after all!  We could’ve kept this part of our trip really simple, but instead, Erin came up with a picture in her head of exactly where she wanted to dine for lunch.

She can correct me, but I think she was imagining some sort of cutesy place on the sea.  I was losing hope as time marched on and all we were finding were more gigantic trees.

We took an exit in hopes of finding something, but it all looked residential.  But then! our luck continued, for the day did not hold for us simply an oversized Paul Bunyon and Babe, but also a cutesy restaurant on the sea.

restaurant on the sea

“This is exactly what I imagined!!!!!”  Phew!  Erin was happy, and I got a blackberry milkshake.

The rest of the day went by too fast as we finished our drive, heading straight for the San Francisco airport.  We couldn’t have asked for a better trip.  Everything about it was perfect to a T!  We hammered out 5 National Parks in 7 days, saw everything we had hoped to see, and did everything we hoped to do.  As we pulled into the Ticketing/Check-In area, there was really only one thing left:


time to eat that damn pluot!

love you, sis

can’t wait till we get on the road again!


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