This website most certainly needs a makeover… since my life has basically had one!  I am no longer doing LVC in DC, and I am no longer leading the life of a volunteer (though working for the church may as well be volunteering).  Upon returning from a most fantastic roadtrip with my sister, it was time for a few life changes.

I went from 5 female housemates to 1 female and 1 male housemate – Allison (one of my LVC housemates) and Tom Paradise (a friend from Luther).  And I transitioned from living in a 3-story rowhouse with a wicked basement and roofdeck to one floor of a rowhouse.  Luckily, my workplace has remained the same, providing some sort of constant in my life!
With almost two months under my belt in this new place with new housies, I have only good things to report!  Our house is SWEET to say the least, and I am so blessed to have such wonderful housemates.  Sometimes I miss the busyness of having a house of 6 young women – there’s always something happening.  But many things are easier to accomplish when there are only 3 people to gather.  During our first house meeting, we mentioned the possibility of having community night once a week like we did in LVC.  This, however, happens automatically almost EVERY night of the week!  With only 3 people, it’s easier to do everything together… and the extravert in me shouts for joy!

So, bear with me as I gradually make changes to this site in hopes of sharing with you what life is like after LVC and beyond.  I have much to say!  Now if only my stolen wireless internet would work well enough to say it…


One thought on “Housies!

  1. Um….I’m waiting for the day that you upload your Michael Jackson dancing for us all to see. That would greatly improve your site!

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