Rock n Mole

oct23_mole_day1Contrary to what my housemate Allison thinks, you can only blog about Mole Day once a year, and today’s the day!  Happy Mole Day, everyone.  Now if anything from my highschool education stuck with me, it was that the unit of measurement called a “mole” is 6.02 x 10^23.  It sure wasn’t my chemistry teacher that taught me this… no, I only remember her for being one of the worst teachers of my life.  Rather, it was the Mole Day celebrations we had that won me about 40 points of extra credit starting at 6:02 in the morning on 10/23 my junior year of high school that really impacted my learning.

In order to gain extra credit, my friends Jesse and Katie and I made Mole Day shirts (Moles with Soul…Rock n Mole!) and wrote “The Mole Song.”  The song was debuted in our Chemistry class, but shortly thereafter was performed in many classes including Mr. Stuckey’s biology class and Mrs. Haunton’s English class.  2004 graduates from St. Stephen’s High School in Hickory, NC may remember this song as one of the finest, most fly songs they have ever heard.  The witty lyrics and catchy tune are not to be forgotten.

While I wish I could perform it for you right NOW, the lyrics will have to do:

Well I’m not some government agent spy
Not CIA or FBI
And I’m not a gopher living in hole!
Well Groundhog Day just ain’t my place
And I’m not a spot upon your face…
Yes you know that I’m not that kind of mole!!

Six point oh two times ten to the twenty-third
Is all I’m worth or so I’ve heard…
At least the scientists believe it’s true!
Well you know Avogadro’s Constant
Is the particles in the mole of a substance-

Tell me please how many moles are you?!

The amount of atoms in 12 grams
Of carbon 12 is what I am.
That is what the chemists all decided.
An element’s mass in amu
Is the number of grams in a mole of that too-
Raise your hands and yell if you’re excited!

We are all just particles
We are all just lonely souls
We are all just particles
We are all a bunch of moles…

May your Mole Day be merry and bright!  Peace to all…


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