Some Good Comes Out of Hickory

In spite of the many southerners in Hickory, NC that are “hard up” for employment and other good fortune, Hickory-ite Jeffrey Weber stands alongside such successful citizens as Katie Holmes.


No really, he’s standing beside her.

While the rest of Hickory wasted their time getting into the furniture and textile businesses, Weber had enough sense to know that the future of this world lies in the movie industry and other pop culture.  Just a few movies away from being in the Director’s Guild, Weber’s jobs on 14 productions are just the start of what proves to be a successful career.  His 14th movie – “The Romantics” – features Katie Holmes and Elijah Wood, holding just enough fame to ensure that Weber will have the most exciting stories to share of anyone at his 10-year high school reunion.  Take that, St. Stephens.


9 thoughts on “Some Good Comes Out of Hickory

  1. Don’t be so hard on Hickory! I know there are many kids I went to school with who are well on their way to great careers. Everyone should follow their dreams and do what they love.

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