The (Not) Fun of Snow

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I’ve been feeling quite lethargic as of late, which I suppose explains my brief hiatus from blogging.  I think my body is wired all wrong.  When I’m really busy, I have the desire to do more and be more productive.  But when it’s cold and snowy outside and I have nothing to do, I roll around the living room complaining that I’m bored and have nothing to do… seriously – ask my housemates.

It has been a relatively chill (pun intended) past month here in DC.  On December 19th, the district was hit with about 16 inches of snow.  The photo below (not mine, unfortunately) gives a good example of how covered we really were.  Now, just to get this straight, DC is not used to this kind of weather.  I learned quickly that DC’s inexperience with snow has both fun and not fun results.

The fun of snow:

  • everything gets shut down!
  • the Federal government closes = my office closes
  • people go crazy creating snow figures
  • thanks to Twitter, the people of DC organize a 200-person snowball fight at 14th and U Sts.

The not fun of snow:

  • everything gets shut down.  AND people stock up on things like milk and eggs from the grocery store – just in case.  So not only can you not trek to McDonald’s for dinner, you can’t even pick up some milk from the store.
  • if the Fed’s not closed, we’re not closed… And unfortunately, it takes the city days to really clear the roads, and weeks to let the snow/ice on the sidewalks melt, which makes trekking to work a miserable experience.
  • people go crazy in general.  My housemates and I listened to the sounds of spinning tires as people attempted to drive in this weather.  DC drivers are already dangerous…the added weather conditions multiply this x1,000.
  • Unfortunately, the snowball fight was interrupted when a car was hit by a snowball, halting to a stop, and the driver emerged with a GUN.  Turns out it was an undercover cop.  GREAT.  The police ruin all the fun, once again.

In all seriousness, I did learn a few things about the effects of snow on that wintry weekend.  Amidst my enjoying a day off of work and rolling around my house bored, I attended church with a small (but mighty!) crowd.  During a time of prayer, some of the prayers that were offered by the community really got me thinking beyond myself: we pray for all those travelling in this weather, we pray for those who did work today in social service agencies that must remain open, we pray for those who didn’t have to work but really needed the day’s pay, we pray for all those sleeping outside in this weather, we pray for those who were unable to meet their daily needs because of closings.

Turns out that a snow day is not always a welcome guest.  Here I was, thrilled with a day off of work… but also comforted by a roof over my head, food in my fridge (barely), and enough money in my bank account to not think once about lost pay due to snow.

There’s a wintry weather advisory out for DC for tomorrow.  My first reaction is that I don’t believe anything will actually happen… at least not enough to matter.  But my second reaction has changed from “I hope something DOES happen so I can have a fun snow day!” to the hope that the community can have a safe and warm New Years Eve, in spite of the weather.  After all, wild New Years Eve parties and freezing rain don’t mix well…


One thought on “The (Not) Fun of Snow

  1. I like the thought of you rolling around on your belly like a worm. (I added the like a worm part, but it makes the image even better).

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