National The Saurus Day

On a lighter topic than my previous post, I’d like to wish you Happy National Thesaurus day!  It’s not every day we can praise, acclaim, commend, applaud, celebrate, and salute the English language for having so many words that mean the same thing.  So, I think you’ll forgive me for the abrupt, sudden change in emotion as we take a moment to remember why this day is important (that is…aside from the fact that it’s also MLK Jr. Day and National Winnie the Pooh Day).

My roommate Allison has been known over time by many different nicknames, including – but not limited to – Ally, Al, Addy, Nona, Nini, Pamphlet (to rhyme with last name Amphlett), Peanut, Tuna, and my favorite… Becky Home-Ecky.  While Tom and I tried many of these out for our first few weeks as housemates, none felt quite right until Allison enlightened and illuminated us: “Oh yeah…I forgot one other nickname.  Allisaurus Rex.”  Perhaps we were immediately drawn to this nickname because of Tom’s love for dinosaurs.  But after months of referring to Allison as “The Saurus,” I give thanks on this special day for how closely related “The Saurus” is to “thesaurus.”

And in all honesty, this couldn’t be more appropriate, suitable, befitting, felicitous, germane, and convenient.  The fact is… Allison “The Saurus” is basically a thesaurus herself!  While I pride myself in my ability to spell any word, I often look to The Saurus for definitions, explanations, and connections to similar, analogous, and comparable words.

Though Allisaurus Rex’s vast knowledge of cooking and other household duties is easily explained by her love for Home-Ec (I mean… Becky Home-Ecky is one of her nicknames…), it is unclear, elusive, nebulous, and uncertain as to how her expertise of words came to be.  Some have hypothesized that it may have to do with her undergraduate studies at the prestigious institution that overpopulates DC – Grinnell College in Iowa.  Others believe it is due to the fact that she read 52 books during her LVC year.  Still others speculate that her subscription and daily “skimming” of over 50 blogs may contribute to such a brain that thinks in terms of synonyms and pop culture trivia.  Still, the Allisaurus Rex is a mysterious creature whose intellectual origin remains largely unknown.

But on this day, National The Saurus Day, I give thanks.  I give thanks that when our internet is down, The Saurus can be my Google.  I give thanks that when I can spell a word but have no idea what it means, The Saurus serves as my Oxford Dictionary.  And I give thanks that when I am so overcome with emotions that I am left with no words, The Saurus will be there with countless, endless, incalculable, multitudinous words to use… free of charge, and faster than our wireless network.  Three cheers for Allisaurus Rex:

Hip hip… hooray!

Hip hip… hooray!

Hip hip… hooray!


2 thoughts on “National The Saurus Day

  1. Do you guys speak in ‘saurus’ in your house??? If not, I’ll have Keith and Camille give you a demonstration when you’re out here. It’s one of their favorite languages. 🙂

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