I’m done with snow puns

On Friday/Saturday, DC received 25 inches of snow with open arms.  (Who doesn’t want a snow day?!)  But tomorrow, they’re calling for 10-20 more inches of snow, and Seaton Place hasn’t even really been plowed.  And honestly, the only thing worse than an overwhelming amount of snow is an overwhelming amount of snow puns.

Back in December, we received 16 inches of snow – enough to have a Monday off and label the whole event “Snowpocalpyse.”  And at the end of last week, as our most recent storm approached, there was almost just as much concern over what to call the storm as there was over buying milk and eggs and bread (just in case).  The winner seemed to be “Snomaggedon,” used by both The Washington Post, and our very own President Obama (or Snobama, if you prefer).  We suffered through many puns to finally settle on “Snowmageddon”; “It’s kind of a big deal,” says DC resident Allison Amphlett. 

While I typically love puns and stupid humor, these snow puns have really gone too far.  A few were clever.  Snow-my-god (abbrev. SnOMG), for example.  Now that’s good.  “Snow big deal.”  Not bad.  “Snow joke.”  Doable.  But as time went on, the puns stopped actually being a play on words, and the goal simply became to replace the first syllable of any word with “snow.”  “Snosanity.”  “Snogasm.”  “Snow gotta be kidding me!”  “Snowget about it!”  These are bad.  And just when I thought we were nearing the end, here comes another snow-pun storm!  Don’t worry – Capital Weather Gang is already taking a poll for what to call this next storm.  “Snowmageddon II?”  “Snoverkill?”  “Snowzilla?”  “Snowfecta?”  Snow thank you.  I mean, if we were just going to replace the first syllable of every word with one word…couldn’t we pick something funnier than snow?  Any ideas?


5 thoughts on “I’m done with snow puns

  1. Agree agree agree. Except that I do like Snoverkill. Mostly because it is. Hopefully we can move on to Cherry Blossum puns soon 🙂

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