a poem for the crowds

thoughts inspired by my time at home…

Equal Part Stardust, by amanda kate weber

This is a poem
too tired to rhyme
and too immersed in thought to worry about

We are all created of equal
part stardust
from the same big bang
or theory of your choice.
And yet
we believe in different creators.
We all eat from the same
abundant earth.
And yet
the quantity and quality of our diets
are vastly different.
I’ve studied synesthesia –
an experiencing of multiple senses
at once.
Some researchers believe we are all
born with it.
And yet
our imaginative and creative capacities
are not similar.
I once heard that we all
have the recipe in our bodies for cancer & other disease.
And yet
some bodies make it
while others do not.

If I am stardust
and you are stardust
and we eat of the same earth
and have the same opportunities for
creative growth
and death & disease,
and who
divides us
and unites us?


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