this is awesome

I just received a lovely email this evening from a new reader, neighbor, and friend who complimented my blog for being thoughtful and meaningful in addition to grammatically correct (at least most of the time…).  What a kind message!  I will, unfortunately, follow it with a not so meaningful post, but this was just too awesome not to share.

When I got home this evening, my housemate Allison told me she had a video I needed to watch.  She said I’d love it.  I’m not usually a huge fan of watching videos on YouTube (don’t ask why, I’m just not), so I was feeling skeptical.  But Allison knows me well!  After all, this video does feature three of my favorite things: American Idol finalist Todrick Hall, McDonalds, and the phrase “bomb-dot-com.”  See for yourself:


One thought on “this is awesome

  1. On second thought, that comment about being “grammatically correct,” instead of coming off as cheeky and impish, came off as douche-y. But either way — glad to support fellow bloggers. Keep making Bloomingdale/Shaw/DC a better place!

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