Prego Pizza: Will It Work?

You are not going to believe this story.

No, my sister has not yet had her baby.  But if Skipolini’s Pizza has any say, it won’t be long!

There are several things that are said to induce labor: spicy food, sex, foot massages, raspberry leaf tea, stimulating nipples, castor oil, eggplant parmesan, and more weird things.  At Erin’s doctor appointment this morning, upon asking for tricks to go into labor, I think she expected the above list.  She did NOT expect to hear about the famous “Prego Pizza” in town, which guarantees you’ll go into labor within 24 hours of eating the pizza.

The original masterpiece had thirteen different toppings including extra onions and extra garlic. The pizza was loaded with fresh vegetables and six types of meat. The creation weighed over four pounds.

This seems ridiculous and hard to believe.  So, as a good Doubting Thomas would do, Erin’s giving it a try.  She’s eating the Prego Pizza as I type (though 3,000 miles away from me – sad face).  Hopefully I will be posting again within 24 hours to tell you all about the baby!  As you wait in anticipation, you may want to fill your time by reading the success stories of the many women who have partaken of the infamous Prego Pizza


One thought on “Prego Pizza: Will It Work?

  1. I was just wondering the other day about your impending aunt-hood 🙂 I will say a prayer for a safe delivery and healthy mom and baby 🙂 have fun being an awesome aunt!

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