Oh Happy Day

It’s nearly impossible to describe the joy of today.

As of 2:09am EST this morning, I am an aunt.  My sister Erin, in pure strength and love, brought Kaia Jordyn into this beautifully broken world.  Keith, my brother-in-law, a rock-solid support.  My mom?  Well, she was there (in Napa, CA) for the birth, probably crying tears of joy at the fact that her prayers and pleadings to become a grandma have finally become a reality.  (When she temporarily gave up on Erin and Jeff and turned to me to supply the grandkids, I knew we were in trouble.  <secretly glad Erin got her act together quickly so I can take more time with mine>)  Jeff?  He apparently had everyone on his film set refer to him as “Uncle Jeff” today.  Real cute.

And my dad?  Today was dad’s first day back to work since February 28 after a 7-month long battle against cancer.  What a double-joy to finally go back to work AND to announce that you’re a first-time grandpa!  In the softest way to put it, this has been one HELLUVA year for my family, and today was a huge win all around.  Dad told his chamber choir that he regretted not bringing in a bottle of champagne to celebrate the day.

Well, Dad et al, it’s not too late!  I will be celebrating this day for a long time.  10-20-2010…a palindrome day.  And my first full day as an aunt.  In the book of Ecclesiastes, the writer says that there is a time to mourn and a time to dance.  After many months of dark days and mourning, today – I dance.


2 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day

  1. so happy for you and your family Amanda! your family’s ability to rely on and stay strong in your faith and continue to witness throughout this difficult year is an inspiration…dance on 🙂

  2. You can’t write things like this when my emotions are supposedly so ‘unstable’. 🙂 You’re gonna be the best aunt ever! Kaia already thinks so!

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