The Jordyn River is Nice and Warm

Kaia Jordyn was baptized today!!!  As one of the proud co-sponsors, I had the honor of holding her during the baptism.  I was terrified she would cry through the whole thing, but she did so well!!  While a lot of song lyrics say that the Jordan River is chilly and cold, apparently this Jordyn River is nice and warm.  Kaia loves water – fitting, since her name means “the sea”.  This morning’s waters were especially fun because Grampa did the baptizing!  He also wrote a beautiful song for Kaia, which the church choir plus our family sang right after Kaia’s big moment.  I’ve included two videos below if you’d like to pretend you were there!  The first is of the baptism itself, and the second is Kaia’s Baptismal Song.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The Jordyn River is Nice and Warm

  1. was that your sister doing the accompaniment? whoever it was is very talented 🙂 you look like a very proud aunt in the first video 🙂 I got to hold my niece for about half of this morning’s service and was getting such big smiles from her 🙂 being an aunt is so great, isn’t it? 🙂 lots of smiles, lol

  2. Love reading about your niece! Also…don’t hate me, but…after reading the title of the post, I was convinced that your niece peed during her baptism…

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