Este animal es de Australia. No habla inglés.

As my summer in the Twin Cities quickly comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on all that I’ve done.  Typically, I’m not so good at filling free time.  I get bored and restless quickly.  So I tend to maintain a busy schedule in order to avoid this crisis.  But this summer, I’ve been practicing taking it easy… and I think I’ve gotten quite good!!  (Well…I still can’t sit still for long.)  So since I’ve only worked part-time throughout the summer, I’ve picked up a few hobbies…

Learning Spanish
I just finished reading my first-ever chapter book in Spanish!!  Some of you know this has been a long time in coming.  I’ve been wanting to learn Spanish for several years now and have just recently buckled down and put time into doing Rosetta Stone.  I LOVE IT.  Learning languages is so fun for me!  (And now I’m dreaming about spending time abroad in a Spanish-speaking country…)  I’ve got a long way to go, but finishing this 39-page book was a big first accomplishment.  Pobre Ana (Poor Anna) was a wonderful book, and I understood almost every word of it!  Granted, it was a SUPER basic novel… yet somehow, the author still managed to write a meaningful story.  Here is my awesome synopsis: Poor Anna has muchos problemas – her family is poor but all of her friends wear Calvin Klein and Nike.  Then one day in school, Anna’s Spanish teacher tells them about an opportunity to spend the summer abroad in Mexico, for no cost!  So Anna goes and has a wonderful time since everyone she meets in Mexico is even poorer than her.  She comes back home at the end of the summer with a new appreciation for the things her family has, realizing that she doesn’t have so many problemas after all!  There’s a special heartfelt ending to this wonderful book, but in the words of Reading Rainbow… don’t take my word for it!

This is no new hobby for me (I took a weaving class in college), but a great one to get back into!  It all started when I had no money (pobre Amanda!) and decided to weave a set of coasters for my sister’s 30th birthday.  Then the fun continued and I wove a Luther seal trivet for my dad for Father’s Day.  Then a jewelry basket for my earrings.  And now a bigger basket.  I just can’t stop!

Last but not least, my newest hobby – lock-picking.  My roommate Kristen is convinced that no good could possibly come from this hobby.  But ever since she first said that, I’ve been present for at least 6 occasions where we’ve locked ourselves out of something and could really use my unfurnished skill!  Mostly, I just think it would be a badass hidden talent to say that I have.  Unfortunately, I’m not doing very well with lock-picking yet, and am finding that the new hobby I’ve actually picked up is practicing patience.  Ugh.

These hobbies have kept my brain working and expanded my creativity a bit this summer!  Yay!  My grad school profs will be disappointed to find that I didn’t spend my free time studying music history, theory, and ear training.  Oops.


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