Part Time Part Two

photo (15)This morning was my first Sunday at my new church gig!  I am the organist and choir director of First Lutheran Church in Waterbury, CT.  It is a beautiful space with a small but mighty congregation.  I am thankful that it is a low-stress church job, not too far away from home (30 minutes), and – for the first time – my own denomination!  It will allow me to put my energy into teaching (which sure is taking a lot), while bringing in a few extra dollars to worship at a place I would probably just attend anyway.  I’m excited to get to know the pastor, who is a second career Harvard Divinity grad, just four years into her ministry at FLC.  Yet another female mentor in my life!  Awesome.

photo (13)When I arrived at church bright and early to practice this morning, there were flowers for me on the organ with a card.  Oh how I appreciate small thoughtful things, like that!  It makes me think about my own thoughtfulness, and reminds me to do a better job writing thank you cards, recognizing birthdays, and giving small gifts just for the hell of it.  I have certainly been thinking a lot about friends far and near since I live alone now.  The extra peace and quiet gives me space to think of others, which I’m mostly enjoying (except for the times it makes me feel lonely!).

Between school, church, and other gigs I’m picking up here and there, I think I’m able to make an okay living.  You can read about past or upcoming gigs on my professional website:  And of course, if you have a gig to offer, please keep me in mind!  This new adventure has been interesting so far; definitely not what I thought I’d be doing this year, but I can’t complain.  I am learning a LOT about teaching, which I’ll share in a future post.  Life is good, and to make it even better, I’ll be an aunt again in about two weeks!  My brother, Jeff, and his wife Danielle are having a baby boy this month.  They only live 45 minutes from me, so I’m excited to be a regular visitor!  Stay posted for lots of pics and gushy updates.


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