Triduum Triptych

A Thursday Poem

Gathered round the table as we often are, friends abounding.
Familiar faces filled with joy and anxiety,
words of welcome and wait while we join in a simple, yet filling meal.
The community feeds us as much as the bread – hearts full.
And yet, hearts heavy.
Words of wisdom and wilting from our teacher as skies turn dark.
An age old adage is presented as a new, resounding lesson:
Love one another.
It seems so obvious, but in the thick of this night,
with the clink of dishware
and smacking of lips,
our shifting eyes and twitching ears awake with newborn sense.
What is this word and what could it mean?
Is it a person? a place? a thing?
Is it something I must do or feel or be?
Shall I fear it or embrace it?
Like a good teacher with a dense flock, you lead with an example.
You are the example, though we do not yet understand.
We practice love together that night,
eating, drinking, praying.
Our hearts surge with deep unknowing.
What is this lesson you so desire us to learn?

A Friday Poem

An infinitely deep hole,
filled to overflowing with despair.
And what of love?
Is there a lesson even in the darkness of death?
I feel nothing but numb.
The birds are chirping –
or are they crying? –
in a world that feels far away.
Why did you go
and what have I done?
There was much more to learn,
but you served us and left us before we could understand.
How will we know what it means to love?
I feel trapped inside my limbs;
lament is my song.

A Sunday Poem

photo (33)Plentiful sunshine,
buds bursting open,
Love is alive
and victory is won!
Dying gives way to rising –
the lesson is learned.
Questions are answered
but the doubting is just begun.
Flesh turned to spirit,
the stone rolled away,
Love is the story
and strength in our song.
I see with new eyes
and sing with new voice;
my hands will to work,
and I breathe —
Freshness filling my weary soul,
heart on fire to love as I’ve been shown.


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